Sunday, 20 February 2011


hey guys!  salam guys!!

yeahh I now..I am too late to have a blog..well~ nk buat mcm mana kan??

ok,for my very first entry..I would like to introduce u the owner of this 'lovely' blog..
please welcome KK!! (clap3!) \0/

haha..ok x? kalau ad sound ala2 miss universe best jgk..hee
KK?! who is she?? *l was told u just now,she is the owner of this blog..

KK is my nick hya guna KK dlm blog nie je..kat luar org pggl nama btl,kalau pggl KK pon..
sy x kan tolehh/berpaling/memandang..sbb,nie lahh kali pertama sy menggunakan nick KK..
so,korg ptt berbgga sbb dpt panggil KK..yeah! u are the special one! huhu

salam syg,